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Bid People is a Bid Management software specially designed to centralize and simplify the distribution of Bid Invitation and Bid Management.

Features you’ll actually use.

Whether you’re aimed to bring seamless execution for organizing events, bring more exposureand boost the revenue for the customer.

Supports multiple customer and organizers

Our application supports multiple clients and has the capability to add several contacts for the same client.

Easy Maintenance

Bidders and auctioneers can create their profile and manage the profiles. The items for auction, event details or current auction details can be viewed with a click of a button. Alerts


Bidder ranking status, buyer notifications and alerts aresent automatically during the bidding event.

Buyer preference tracking and watch list

Buyer can set the preferences for an item or can keep a watch list. This option allows the users to view, track the details of the items in the bid.

Billing and Invoicing

Bidder once awarded the item; the system generates the invoice automatically. System allows the user to pay the invoice amount through web or mobile application.

Custom reporting

Custom reporting provides the reports to be customized as per the organization’s choice and can pulled off by


The event can be completely customized based the organizer requirements like setting bidding minimum / maximum bid amounts, automatic extensions on auction end time, bidders / auctioneers invitations list, and other event details .The email notifications and alerts can be customized based the customer preferences.

User friendly UI interface

User friendly system interfaces and very friendly UI designs help the users to easily navigate the application.

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